The German optician's association, ZVA, presented its final figures for the business year 2011 at its annual press conference on April 17 in Düsseldorf. The German ophthalmic optics market recorded an increase in sales of 2.5 percent to €5.039 billion at retail, including value added tax. Without the online eyewear business, which accounted for an estimated 2 percent of total sales in 2011, the increase is comparable with the level of the last two years. Stationary opticians managed to sell 11.1 million glasses in Germany in 2011. However, German opticians sold more than 34.5 million corrective lenses in 2011. This demonstrates that far fewer clients decide to buy new glasses and a new frame at the same time. Contact lenses accounted for 8.9 percent of the market, frames and glasses for 80.5 percent, and hearing aids and other eyewear products for 19.5 percent of total sales in the German ophthalmic optics market. Altogether 12,030 optical businesses in Germany employed about 49,000 opticians last year. There are 1,869 businesses in the 10 biggest eyewear retail chains in Germany, accounting for 36.29 percent of total sales in 2011. The traditional optician needs to concentrate more on services, consultation and specialization in the future in order to differentiate itself from the emerging online market, says ZVA. Five percent of people wearing glasses in Germany consider seriously buying their glasses online.