The Michael Pachleitner Group (MPG) merged on Sept. 1 the BGI Brillenglas Import-Export Corporation and the Luffup design agency, both owned by MPG, under one roof. Uniopt, the eyewear design and distribution company owned by MPG, will be incorporated on Oct. 1. The three individual companies will be merged under the roof of MPG, whereby all legal positions of BGI Brillenglas, Luffup and Uniopt will be devolved to the Michael Pachleitner Group. In a second step, MPG plans to merge its two lens manufacturing firms, Schulz in Germany and Optic Technologies in Austria, with MPG in 2015. The production sites of Schulz in Germany, based in Glücksburg, and of Optic Technologies in Austria, based in Vösendorf, will be preserved. MPG markets licensed brands such as Red Bull Racing Eywear, H.I.S. Eyewear, Daniel Hechter Eyewear, Jill, Kiotonakamura, Ruud can Dyke, Prova and Hello Kitty Austria.