The shareholders of Bushnell Outdoor Products, the American company that produces binoculars and owns important brands of sunglasses and sports eyewear such as Bollé, Cébé and Serengeti, reportedly accepted bids until the end of this week for the takeover of the company. Shareholders were reportedly seeking a valuation of as much as $1 billion for the company, which had sales of less than $500 million in 2010 according to the most recent financial information in our possession. One of the candidates for the acquisition was said to be KKR, the private equity firm that owns Academy Sports, but it was said to be willing to spend no more than $800 million. Different private equity companies have invested in Bushnell over the years. The last buyout took place in 2007, when MidOcean Partners acquired control over the former Bushnell Performance Optics from Windpoint Partners, which supported a management buyout in 1999. They and two former managers, Joe Messmer and Arnaud van Robais, made a big capital gain when MidOcean stepped in. The company's annual sales had grown by then to about $350 million. The more recent growth has been partly generated through small acquisitions. The new round of bids is managed by Morgan Stanley and RW Baird.