At 37,716, the total number of visitors to the latest session of the SILMO fair marked increases of 6.7 percent from the level of October 2000 and 28.5 percent from that of October 2001, when many buyers decided to stay at home in the aftermath of the tragic Sept. 11 events.

The number of French visitors increased by 25.2 percent as compared to last year and by 9.5 percent as compared to two years ago, reaching a total of 20,824 during the last fair. The number of foreign visitors grew by 32.9 percent from last year and by 3.4 percent from two years ago to 12,714, and foreign attendance was actually higher than domestic attendance on first two days of the show. Friday started out strong. Saturday and Sunday recorded a peak in terms of foreign and domestic visitors, respectively. The overall traffic remained high on Monday, but mostly on the French side.

Here is the list of the companies, many of which are French, that received this year's covered Silmo d'Or award during a nice gala evening: Essilor, Net Optic, Trenti, Timon, Demetz, Leica, Eschenbach, Bourgeois, Face à Face, Lindberg, Logo, Ciba Vision and Comotec.


CORRECTION: Antoine de Roffignac has become general manager of Guildinvest, replacing Jean-Marie de Bourgoing. Christian Roméas remains as chairman of the Guilde des Lunetiers, the buying group which operates on the French and Belgian markets through Guildinvest.