The U.K. contact lens market grew by 1 percent in 2012 compared with the previous year, reaching a total value of £234.4 million (€278.7m-$364.1m). This and other data were recently released by Britain's Association of Contact Lens Manufacturers (ACLM), based on information supplied by 12 industry members. Daily disposables represented 59.1 percent of the market value while frequent replacement lenses made up for 35.4 percent of the total. In terms of the number of wearers, 43.3 percent wore daily disposables while 46.8 percent opted for frequent replacement contact lenses. The total number of contact lens wearers declined slightly in 2012 to 3.714 million from 3.773 million in 2011. The ACLM report points out, however, that the number of contact lens wearers in the U.K. has more than doubled since 1992, when there were only 1.6 million.