The UK's Federation of Manufacturing Opticians (FMO) has decided against a proposal to hold a new national eyewear fair in London next year, particularly because of the uncertain market situation. The next Optrafair will again be held in Birmingham on Apr. 12-13, 2005. Held on the same venue last April, the latest Optrafair went relatively well as compared to other shows, considering that the total attendance was up slightly to 11,647 persons from 11,554 two years ago. The new organizer, Centrex, added some entertainment and held some conferences, with Alain Mikli's presentation on designer eyewear collecting the largest audience. Malcolm Polley is now heading up FMO's Optrafair committee, replacing Neil Appleton who had set a 10 percent jump in attendance as the target for the last show. Meanwhile, Ireland's contact lens association is reportedly trying to organize a national eyewear show in Dublin together with other suppliers in the industry for September of 2004.