The Vision Council, the U.S.-based trade association for manufacturers and suppliers of the optical industry, has named two new spokespeople, Lawrence Zarian and Jenn Falik, for its Eyecessorize campaign. Eyecessorize is the council's initiative to increase awareness of the fashion and lifestyle aspects of eyewear. Lawrence Zarian, or LZ as he is commonly called in the industry, is one of the best known lifestyle and fashion experts on U.S. television. He has appeared as trend-spotter or celebrity reporter in hit TV programs such as Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition and others. Jenn Falik is a style and beauty expert. She has worked with prestigious brands worldwide and has also appeared on popular TV programs in the U.S.  Zarian and Falik will make national TV and satellite media appearances, attending Eyecessorize-related events and contributing to seasonal trend kits. They will also engage with Eyecessorize's social media, as well as with other initiatives. Eyecessorize has reached more than 77,000 “likes” on Facebook and is also active on Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram.