Following on the opening of a flagship store on Paris' Left Bank in May 2016, Thierry Lasry, the French maker of handmade fashionable sunglasses that have graced the temples of international celebrities, aims to expand the brand's offering by branching out with a men's collection.

Léonard Lasry, who founded the independently owned brand with his brother Thierry ten years ago, said on the sidelines of the Silmo trade fair in Paris that a men's collection is the company's “new challenge.” Women-specific designs currently represent 80 percent of the Paris-based brand's sales.

Thierry Lasry is said to be one France's fastest-growing eyewear brand, with 80,000 pieces sold this year through 1,000 stores worldwide. A sister brand, Harry Lary's, which focuses on two eyewear collections of six to eight models every year, is also expected to grow along with the flagship brand. It currently contributes to 25 percent of total company sales, but this is expected to increase to 35 percent going forward, the management said.