Three major Italian women's magazines - Gente, Novella 2000 and Grazia - came out in the newsstands during the second half of June offering as a gadget a pair of sunglasses that don't respect the European safety standards. Anfao, the Italian eyewear industry federation, which has launched a campaign against imports of unsafe sunglasses, has filed a compaint with the Italian Ministry of Industry on the matter.

Certottica, the Italian eyewear certification body, found serious defects in the glasses sold with the Gente magazine, which carried a newsstand price of 6,900 lire (e3.56-$3.05) instead of the usual 3,300 lire. The glasses,which don't have the EU stamp of approval or any indications about the degree of protection from the sun's rays, have light filters that make it hard for the car driver to distinguish clearly the colors of the traffic lights. The glasses distributed with Novella 2000 have curved lenses whose filters deform the wearer's vision and can trigger migraine and nausea.

Anfao has tracked down the supplier of the incriminating items. It's D'Anjo's, a Milan-based importer who supplies publishers with a variety of other Chinese-made plastic gadgets. When questioned by the B2eyes portal, the importer confirmed that the glasses had come from the Far East.