Three UK trade associations have moved from their respective premises in the London area into a nice single headquarters in Paddington, with a combined staff of 15 persons. They are the Federation of Manufacturing Opticians (FMO), the Federation of Ophthalmic and Dispensing Opticians (FODO) and the Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO).

FMO represents the suppliers, while the other two represent mainly the retailers, with FODO concentrating on the multiple chains. David Moore, who runs Pentax UK, has just been elected as the new chairman of FMO, replacing Ruth Gans Cole, the first woman to have held the post in the association's 85-year history.

FMO is co-organizing the national Optrafair exhibition in Birmingham next Apr. 12-14, which will host for the first time a Saturday night party in the atrium of the NEC. Centrex, co-organizer of the event, will donate £1 to a charity, Vision Aid Overseas, for each person attending the party. Meanwhile, Lynn Hansford has replaced another woman, Elizabeth Frost, as chairman of Britain's Association of Optometrists (APO), which continues to be based in Southeast London.