SILMO and its partner COPENHAGEN SPECS are launching SPECS AND THE CITY, a new series of international eyewear industry events scheduled to take place during one weekend in five European cities. As the Covid-19 crisis led to the cancellation of almost all trade fairs since its outbreak and still partly limits international travel and large gatherings in one single space, the new format is designed to propose multiple small exhibiting spaces for individual meetings. Exhibitors will host their clients in showrooms set in partnering hotels located in city centers and the events will be complemented by a dedicated application for participants to organize their weekend, mixing business meetings, cultural outings and gourmet experiences. The first series of SPECS AND THE CITY events will take place in Copenhagen on Aug. 20-22, Valencia on Oct. 1-3, Antwerp on Oct. 8-10, Cologne on Oct. 16-18 and Tallin on Oct. 22-24.