Transitions Optical commissioned a study of eye care for children in the U.K. in the second year of its Eye Know Eye Care campaign, and it found that most parents in the study didn't prioritize a back-to-school eye exam for their children, and that only 10 percent of children have eye exams in their schools. The Royal National Institute of Blind People says that 88 percent of the country's primary care trusts pay for screening, though.

Figures from the Eye Care Trust say that one million children in the country may have undetected vision problems. A full quarter of them will not have an eye exam by the age of 8, apparently because parents aren't aware of their importance.

The study also found that parents were ignorant of the importance of UV protection, with one-fifth of them failing to provide their children with adequate sunglasses. The general manager for EMEA at Transitions, Lindsay Brown, noted that 80 percent of lifetime UV exposure comes by the age of 18, and a lack of protection can lead to problems later.