Two of David Clulow's London stores, in Soho and Hampstead, were burglarized in the same week in April, marking the latest in a series of raids targeting the high-street British chain. The latest was on Apr. 17, when 58 Prada and Chanel frames were stolen from the Soho store. The two episodes follow the theft on March 27 of 43 Chanel frames from the Covent Garden branch of this British retail subsidiary of Luxottica. At both the Soho and Covent Garden break-ins, the thieves tore the display rods off the walls, with the frames locked onto them, although the premises were fitted with alarms and shutters; it appears that the thieves raised the shutters and climbed underneath them. The Soho and Covent Garden branches, along with the Loughton branch in Essex, have been raided several times before.