Type 20 has taken over the distribution of sunglasses and other Briko products in Germany from its local distributor, Edgar Tremmel, who has already given up the distribution of Colmar clothing and gone into insolvency. Uwe Kersten, who handled the brand under Tremmel, will work for Type 20 as sales manager and key accounts manager for Briko in Germany together with his team of sales reps. Orders for the Winter 2004/05 season will be directly delivered from Italy. Separately, Type 20 has recruited new distributors of Arnette ski helmets and snow goggles in the UK and Canada, while redefining distribution channels in Switzerland and Norway, where new partners will exclusively focus on the winter sports channel for the brand. Another company is responsible for covering the motorcross sector for Arnette in the Scandinavian countries. The same goes for dedicated distributors in Austria and Belgium.