Viu has opened its first physical stand-alone shop in the U.K., and has reportedly already signed for a second store. The first store is located in London's Soho, at 5 Upper James Street. For this new 850-square-foot space, the Swiss eyewear brand has decided to continue its tradition of developing specific design concepts for each of its flagship stores in Europe, where elements that mirror the brand are combined with site-specific adaptations. In this case, Viu's creative director, Fabrice Aeberhard, was inspired by London's fast-moving and ever evolving way of life, and the design theme is ultra-modern, with concrete walls and floors. This is combined with Viu's tradition of an eyewear display wall. Mirrors are fixed on the walls of the shop as well as on the ceiling. The second and larger store (1,700 square feet ) will be located at 70-72 Marylebone Lane, also in London. Viu eyewear is made with Italian acetate, Japanese titanium and 3D-printing. The brand has a 53-store network across Switzerland, Germany, Scandinavia and Austria.