VSP Global and the University of South California (USC) Center for Body Computing (CBC) are teaming up on a study and consumer pilot test of tech-enabled eyewear called the Level. Last year, VSP unveiled a pair of prototype glasses with health-tracking sensors built into the temple. A partnership with USC's CBC followed soon after in order to take advantage of CBC's multidisciplinary experts in digital health technology. VSP is now taking the next step with a four-month long pilot study of the glasses with hundreds of volunteers, who are being given a Level frame and the accompanying smartphone app that will allow them to track their activity. The study is expected to provide a roadmap for future products and understanding of the consumer's health engagement. The pilot study launches with USC employees and is managed by USC's CBC in partnership with USC's Roski Eye Institute. The Level pilot will run until December, with results scheduled for publication in early 2017, VSP Global said.