VSP Global Partners has made a $2 million investment in Vizzario, a California-based technology startup, to develop eye care technologies that can track visual acuity, eye strain, traumatic brain injury and sports vision performance.

Founded in 2014, Vizzario is an eye care technology company that analyzes data generated from smart devices, wearable electronics, electroencephalogram (EEG) systems and other technologies to monitor and predict health outcomes.

Through its innovation lab, The Shop, VSP will undertake research and development to leverage Vizzario's technology in areas such as synching with EEG bands to track eye movement against electrodes in the brain. It also plans to develop game-based applications to create vision benchmarks and help improve visual acuity over time. The two companies are expected to unveil a consumer-facing offering later this year.

In addition, the American eye care conglomerate says it may look into an additional $1 million investment in Vizzario come June. As part of the partnership agreement, Don Oakley, president of VSP Optics Group, has been appointed to Vizzario's board of directors.

VSP, which stands for Vision Service Plan, is a non-profit-making organization that is the largest managed vision insurer in the U.S. It has a large lens manufacturing laboratory and is also the owner of Marchon Eyewear since 2008. It has been studying health-related applications that track down diabetes through the eye, among others.