Wellfairs has cancelled the second edition of a new high-end eyewear show for the northern part of the German market, called Selected Eyewear (SEE), that was going to be held on Oct. 29-30 in Dortmund, because of insufficient demand. The organizers will monitor the development of regional trade shows before they decide to continue the project. Meanwhile, Brille & Co., a more established trade show in the sector, has reported declining figures for its latest session, staged in nearby Dortmund on Aug. 27-28. The show hosted a total of 69 exhibitors and welcomed 960 visitors. With 3,000 sqm, only half of the exhibition space was occupied. The organizers say that the next Brille & Co. will take place on Jan. 21-22, one week prior to the Opti show in Munich. The winter edition of the show is usually busier than the summer session. Last winter, Brille & Co. welcomed about 100 exhibitors and 2,100 visitors.