While starting up a new fuzziday.com website for children as part of its ?Check Yearly. See Clearly? campaign, the always very active Vision Council of America (VCA) has launched a new ?Eyecessorize? program in the USA, involving among other things desk-side briefings with editors of various US fashion publications including Women's Wear Daily, Vogue and Elle. An interesting US consumer survey conducted by the association in July and October shows that 3 out of 4 American wearers consider their sunglasses as a fashion accessory. The highest scores were found among single people (84%) with an Asiatic complexion (83%), aged between 18 and 34 (84%) and holding a part-time job (81%). Eyeglasses are also a fashion accessory for 55 percent of American consumers. A typical respondent who shares this view is one who is 18-34 years old (60%), single (64%), Hispanic (63%), from the Pacific Coast (64%) and a part-time employee (63%).