Wiley X has launched a new line of sports protective eyewear named Young Force. It is the first time Wiley X has developed a protective eyewear line for children. For over 25 years, the company has focused on eyewear for soldiers, law enforcement, factory workers and participants in active sports. The official European presentation of the new product line will take place at the Opti show in Munich, in January 2015. The Young Force range consists of 12 color combinations across four designs fitting children between six and 13+. All models can be quickly turned from a traditional sports spectacle with temples to a sporty goggle with an elastic headband. Furthermore, all the models in this new range meet the ASTM F803 sports protective eyewear standard for maximum protection. ASTM F803 certified eyewear is supposed to withstand a direct hit from a football or basketball traveling at up to 150km/h without the frame or lenses breaking.