“UX Share Your Eyewear by X-IDE” is the new eyewear label of Immagine 98, the Italian-based parent of X-IDE and Rye & Lye. The long name of the new product line is supposed to reflect its 3.0 spirit. According to the company, the name is an acronym for “user experience,” a term familiar to web users which is meant to recall the users' opinions about a product or service. The “U” in the brand name also stands for “You,” understood as the user of the product. Finally, the “X” is comprised in the name as the variable indicative of technological progress.

The new eyewear line has been designed for so-called millennials, the generation who was born roughly from the early 1980s to around 2000, a generation raised on social media. The communication campaign for the new line will be created by users themselves through their own selfies, photos and posts on social media including Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. The logo for the new eyewear line features the yellow and black colors of Immagine 98.

X-IDE was recently among the sponsors of Cortinametraggio, the short films festival whose 11th edition took place in Cortina, in the Italian Dolomites, on March 14-20. Immagine 98 is based in Calalzo di Cadore, not far from Cortina. X-IDE eyewear was worn by the jurors and guests of the festival during the event.