Younger Optics of California has established a subsidiary in the Czech Republic, Younger Optics Europe, to stock and market some of its products among optical retailers and laboratories across Europe, including its semi-finished NuPolar polarized hard-resin and polycarbonate lenses as well as Transitions photochromics and Trilogy, its own version of Trivex lenses. The new Czech office is headed up by Igor Loshak who has already worked for Younger in the USA, where the company has been enjoying particularly strong demand for NuPolar lenses lately. The Czech operation started up just before the MIDO fair in Milan, where European clients showed a lot of interest in the project. Younger is already supplying NuPolar lenses to major clients in France, Spain, Germany, Finland, Sweden and Russia. The Czech distribution center is starting off with a monthly shipping rate of about 7,000 lenses but is aiming for a throughput of up to 100,000 lenses per month.