As already indicated in the last issue of EWI, Carl Zeiss Vision International has added the new executive position of chief operations officer, appointing Raymund Heinen to fill it. Heinen, 49, has previously worked for the automotive component makers Bosch, LuK and Hella, most recently as Hella's president and chief executive for the Americas.

Starting tomorrow, he will be the third member of the company's executive board. The other two are Norbert Gorny, president and chief executive, and Klaus Leinmüller, chief financial officer.

One of Heinen's functions will be to act as managing director of Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH, responsible for sales in Germany where the company reportedly lost some market share last year. As previously reported, Carl Zeiss Vision has already appointed a new general manager for Europe, Thomas Radke, to take over most of the functions of Rudi Spiller.

Heinen's main job will be to oversee global production activities, trying to optimize the existing resources now that the integration with SOLA is completed.

One last act in the integration process took place earlier this month when Carl Zeiss Vision formed a single organization in Denmark, 51 percent controlled by the German company, to combine the former SOLA Nordic with the optics division of Brock & Michelsen. The latter, which was distributing Zeiss' ophthalmic products, will own the balance of 49 percent in the joint venture and continue to distribute Zeiss' microscopes and other products.

Morten Kreutzmann from Brock & Michelsen has been appointed as managing director for the new Carl Zeiss Vision Denmark. Jacob Ingvaldesn from the former SOLA Nordic will continue to work for the company within Denmark. Flemming Andersen, former general manager of SOLA Nordic, will work for Carl Zeiss Vision within the Nordic region.