Zeiss has released a biography of the company's founder, Carl Zeiss, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of his birth on Sept. 11, 1816. The book has been written by Wolfgang Wimmer, head of Zeiss' archives, and Stephan Paetrow, a German historian specializing in corporate history. Carl Zeiss, who lived from 1816 to 1888, was a pioneer in modern lens-making. He was born in Weimar as the fifth of 12 children but left his hometown in 1834 to move to nearby Jena, where he graduated, opened a lens-making workshop in the 1840s, pursued his further career and died at the age of 72. This new biography is said to reveal unknown details about Zeiss' life, family and company. The authors reportedly worked on an archived ledger containing unpublished records of the company's income between 1848 and 1863. The book, published by the Zeiss Archives, can be purchased on Amazon.