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    FEDAO recommends eyecare subsidy in Spain


    The Spanish Federation of Optical Sector Associations ( FEDAO ) and the public-utility association Visión y Vida have released the Covid-19 edition of its White Book of Vision 2021 ( Libro Blanco de la Visión 2021 ), reviewing the state of eyecare in Spain. It asserts, citing ...

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    New president for ECOO


    Dr. Cindy Tromans has been confirmed as president of the European Council of Optometry and Optics ( ECOO ) following the resignation of Dr. Massimo Revelli . Tromans is the director of the optometry services at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital Honorary and a lecturer in ophthalmology at ...

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    WCO seeks to set a standard of care for myopia


    Having approved a resolution to the effect, the board of directors of the World Council of Optometry (WCO) is encouraging optometrists to set a standard of care for myopia . According to the WCO’s president, Paul Folkesson , myopia is projected to affect more than five billion people by ...

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    Dutch Appeal Court rules in favor of GrandVision in Essilux case


    The Amsterdam Court of Appeal ruled yesterday in favor of GrandVision in the lawsuit opposing the retail group to EssilorLuxottica , confirming the earlier judgement by the District Court in August last year. The Franco-Italian group claimed that GrandVision had been retaining information in relation to the management ...

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    U.K. accepts to extend provisional Brexit deal to April 30


    The British government has accepted, at the European Union’s request, to extend until April 30 the provisional application of the post-Brexit agreement, to give additional time to the European Parliament to ratify the deal. The provisional application of the post-Brexit agreement started on Jan. 1, after the U.K. left ...

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    EU to decide on Essilux's takeover of GrandVision on April 12


    The European Commission has set April 12, 2021 as the latest deadline for the end of an in-depth investigation into EssilorLuxottica’ s proposed €7.2 billion takeover of GrandVision . The deadline has been postponed several times. The proposed deal, referred to as case M.9569, was notified to ...

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    Google probed by the EU


    Google is under dual investigations in the European Union for allegedly abusive practices in its advertising business. This month, according to Reuters , anti-trust regulators for the EU have sent to a number of advertisers a 13-page questionnaire regarding the “Include Google Display Network” default setting for search campaigns ...

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    EU Commission calls to ‘strongly discourage’ intra-EU travel


    The European Commission has proposed the European Council to discourage non-essential travel between European Union member states amid high Covid-19 infection rates and concerns about new virus variants, while avoiding border closures or blanket prohibitions that would impede the functioning of the internal market and supply chains. ...

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    Italy’s Anfao and unions reach labor contract agreement


    The Italian eyewear trade association Anfao reached an agreement with trade union representatives on the terms of a new contract affecting the roughly 18,000 workers in Italy’s eyewear industry, including those at Luxottica , which exited Anfao in 2019. Due to the economic crisis that has hit the ...

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    Italy approves a €50 voucher for the purchase of eyeglasses, contact lenses


    The Italian parliament approved on Dec. 30 the 2021 budget that includes a €50 voucher for the purchase of prescription eyewear and contact lenses for low-income people. The decree implementing the voucher still has to be issued by the health ministry, in coordination with the finance ministry. The voucher ...

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    FLA members cannot use products from the Xinjiang region


    In an unprecedented move, the Fair Labor Association (FLA) has prohibited its member companies from sourcing from or producing in the Xinjiang region, in northwest China, because of growing concerns over violations of human and labor rights. The region is home to several ethnic minority groups, including the Uyghur ...

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    U.K. signs free trade agreements with Turkey, EU


    The U.K. and Turkey have signed tariff-free trading arrangements and are committed to reach a ”more ambitious” agreement in the future, according to the British Department for International Trade . The free trade agreement was signed by the U.K.’s International Trade Secretary, Liz Truss and Turkey’s Minister for ...

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    EU, China reach in principle an agreement on investments


    After seven years of talks, the European Union and China have agreed in principle on a investment agreement after their leaders met on a conference call on Dec. 30. The parties had set the end of 2020 as the deadline to strike a deal. The European Commission said that ...

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    Kering investigated by French financial prosecutor


    Kering said that the French financial public prosecutor (Parquet National Financier) has opened a preliminary inquiry concerning the company in February 2019. The French luxury goods group added that it had not previously been informed of the inquiry. The comments come following media reports about the prosecutor investigating ...

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    The U.K. reaches trade accord with Vietnam, but deal with EU unlikely


    The U.K. has finalized a free trade agreement with Vietnam, which is scheduled to become effective from Jan. 1. It is the third trade agreement reached with an Asian country, after those with Singapore and Japan. The U.K. has also reached a preliminary trade agreement with Canada. The U.K. ...

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    EU agrees on common rules for travel restrictions due to Covid-19


    The European Council has adopted a recommendation on a coordinated approach to travel restrictions in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The council comprises the heads of state or government of the countries forming the European Union, as well as the president of the council and of the European ...

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    Global talks on digital tax prolonged to 2021


    The 137 countries involved in talks on base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) due to the digitalization of the economy have agreed to keep working towards an agreement on the taxation of digital companies by mid-2021, thus acknowledging that they will fail to strike a deal by the end of ...

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    TikTok ban suspended by U.S. judge


    A federal judge, Carl Nichols , has decided to suspend an executive order issued by president Donald Trump that would have banned the Chinese video sharing app TikTok from being downloaded on mobile phones in the U.S. The ban was scheduled to start from Sept. 27. TikTok ...

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    ​Gifts to French opticians to be forbidden


    Initially launched in 1993 in order to regulate relations between industry suppliers and health care professionals, and to ensure the independence of the latter in their choice of products offered to consumers, the so-called “antigifts” French law will be extended to opticians as of Oct. 1 this year. It will ...

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    U.S. delays TikTok ban to Sept. 27 as Trump gives blessing to deal with Oracle, Walmart


    The U.S. Department of Commerce said that it has delayed until Sept. 27 the prohibition of the Chinese mobile application TikTok . The department had previously announced that the ban would start today. The decision comes after U.S. President Donald Trump said he had given his “blessing” to ...